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Champagne and glitter. Need we say more? Add a little extra cheer to your toasting bottle with a little glue and a lot of gold glitter.

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Trends for 2020 Weddings

While modern, edgy wedding décor is certainly on the rise, there are plenty of couples who want to bring back traditional design elements, notes.

This means that the classic ballroom wedding is having a moment once again: "The traditional, elegant dinner party wedding is back in fashion" and Party Like a Royal does that so well.   For inspiration, think of the special elements in your grandmother's dining room—silver candlesticks, monogrammed linen napkins, Battenburg lace overlays, and vintage crystal stemware all have a place in this beautiful and timeless wedding trend."

So, You've Been Asked to be a Bridesmaid!

My closet is filled with chiffon and satin!

I have been a bridesmaid three times, and each time involved purchasing a cocktail-length dress in varying shades and styles, none of which I could recycle for another occasion. So they live in my closet and I pray that, when I am a bridesmaid for the fourth time this May, the bride will choose a different color.

Bridesmaids, of course, aren’t mandatory for a wedding, nor should anyone feel obligated to accept an invitation to be one. But at some point you may be asked to participate in this tradition which, like all wedding traditions, is a little ridiculous and a little over the top, but at its core is very sweet. It’s someone saying they love you, they cherish you and they want to look back on an important moment and see you there. (Ideally, there are also people who want you to shut up and look pretty, but we’ll get to them.)

Being a bridesmaid is a job loaded with expectation and emotion, and as such, it can be difficult to navigate when you have a life of your own. It’s not that you don’t want to do everything you can for your friend, it’s that nobody talks about how to do it until you’re already doing it, which is a recipe for drama and breakdowns.

But I promise there’s a way through, and you might not even have to buy an ugly dress.  Find out more on my next posting.